Penninsulan Wars

Hunting A Thief

Four adventurers, in two different places. Yes, they split the party. No, I’m not happy with it. C’est la vie.

Madeline and Jace were at the fight club, an old converted fishwharf at the edge of town. Specifically, Jace was upstairs in the loft with Miriam. Mid-coitus, even. Madeline was downstairs, talking to the extremely dangerous, extremely powerful Luca… in other words, her brother.

Her brother had two goons with him and a surprise special guest. The surprise special guest was the Cellist, Madeline’s evil alternate personality in her own not-too-pretty body. Luca’s plan was simple: he wanted to recombine his sister into one entity. Pretty reasonable, but how did he know so much about his sister’s fate, and where did he get his incredible strength?

Madeline messaged Jace. Jace abandoned the 17-year-old he’d recently seduced and ran downstairs to save another woman. The height of classy, this guy. Luca told Jace not to follow them and punched him in the face, sending him flying and doing like 30 damage. Clearly it would take more than a potion of strength to put Jace on even footing with THIS monster.

Jace went to find Fenrir and Niall.

Fenrir and Niall, meanwhile…

The two were tracking a book thief, as I mentioned. They found another entity who was chasing the same book thief. This man transformed himself into a swarm of rats and back into a rag-covered, grimy human form. He called himself ‘Ratman’, and fancied himself some sort of dark avenger and murderous vigilante crime-fighter. With some hesitation, Fenrir and Niall agreed to work with him. He pointed them in the direction of a brothel outside of town run by the fence Rancid John… and his mistress, the wizardrix Melinda.

The three went. Niall and Fenrir planned to distract Melinda while the Ratman abducted Rancid John, a plan that succeeded after a few hiccups.

Ratman and Niall interrogated Rancid John, playing ‘bad guardsman, worse guardsman.’ with the poor fence, until he gave up the Shade’s location… and the name of the man who hired him to steal the book in the first place: The wizard Vizarious!

The three went to the Shade’s location. That’s about when Jace finally caught up with them, with Miriam in tow. Fenrir and Ratman sneaked up to the roof of the abandoned-looking tower and overheard the Shade arguing with Vizarious through a mirror about payment. Shade then revealed to his paramour that Vizarious needed the book to put down a sewer monster he’d summoned without knowing how to unsummon… a monster that had killed a few guards too.

Also, his paramour? Abigail Neculai Keyne! The Widow Keyne! The Vamptrix! Fenrir and the Ratman argued on the exact method they should use to deal with them, and Fenrir decided to jump in, grab the book, and negotiate with the Shade.

The rest of the party jumped in and there was a brief negotiation… and Fenrir tried to arrange a marriage between Niall and Abigail, resulting in the appearance of her father, the Count Neculai!

Snake Eater / Back In the City Again

The party went to a nearby Snake Temple. It’d been taken over by a trio of Lamia. The party said: “Fuck you.” And killed them all except one who they made open up a portal to the Sandways, the Yuan-Ti alternate dimension where space works differently. They used this to travel to the Snake Temple where Adrianna was being held. They bluffed or fought their way up the temple, freeing a captured doppelganger who turned out to be a spy for a group of tribal elves planning an attack. They timed their attacks together and found Adrianna: She was being transformed into a huge snake monster with six heads.

They fought and managed to rescue Adrianna’s body from the snake creature’s with a scroll of remove curse. Madeline resurrected her after she died and they escaped out of the Sandways. Since they had no reason to stay they went all the way back to the Peninsula through the Sandways, appearing on Seagull’s Island.

They returned to the City, meeting a few of their old friends.

Morgana promised to get Jace more drugs, giving them to Niall, who gave them to Simon.

They met up with Simon, meeting his rich new benefactor, Sinclare.

Fenrir ran into a book thief called the Shade. The Shade stole a book from the LIbrary called The Book of the Azure Tomb. They tracked him to the edge of town, and outside the town.

Meanwhile, Jace was asked to help keep Miriam from going crazy. He went to a fight club, fought Miriam and then slept with her. I’m sure that’ll help.

Further Alabaster Adventures

The PCs defeated the Alabaster Fox in a spectacular dream duel inside a future world created from the Bloody Bride’s manifestations of… something to do with Niall’s future. A future world they will have to return to at some point, probably.

However, the Alabaster Fox was no longer Fenrir’s ‘niece’ Elma, but the young gnomish girl that had survived Longear’s attack on the Gnomish ruins. The Bloody Bride then challenged them to prove that the dark future events were not her fault, although she did not say exactly what the stakes of her challenge were. . .

Once they had come out of the future intact, they found themselves… in Emperor Alexander’s army camp! Apparently he had followed them in an attempt to destroy Damien’s army! They found Julien there and hatched a plot to murder the Emperor, after learning he had no intention of keeping his promises to marry his daughter to Julien’s brother, and that he was dying of a burning blood disease.

With Boris’s help and a little animal friendship to spook the elephants, they ambushed the Emperor and assassinated him in cold blood. But not before Jace got addicted to Mageburn and Niall’s heart was stolen by Beatrice, his new liaison with the Drowned Prince.

Julien teleported them back to Alexandria, where they fought some slavers to bring the Green Lady to Alexandria. Adrian introduced them to a Hexer who helped them make a deal with the Crow God: who wanted Fenrir’s heart in exchange for keeping Niall alive.

After a brief detour in Jaceworld, they made the deal then decided to help Adrian get his daughter back from snake people.

This fucking game, huh?

Hanging With Damien

The party rested at Damien’s conquered village. Fenrir went out into the wilderness and met an old man who’d been a werewolf for years. He helped Fenrir by brewing a magical tea to cure his lycanthropy. Fenrir went into a dream state where he met a giant god of Wolves, also calling himself Fenrir. Fenrir the gnome chose to get cured of lycanthropy, not try and control it. However, his soul is scarred by the visage of the wolf. He has a wolf-shaped tattoo on his shoulder and should expect more wolf-related abilities to manifest as an aspect of his monastic tradition in the future. For starters, he can use his speak with small animals to talk to wolves. On the downside, if he wants to use a minor illusion to create an animal, he can only create dogs and wolves and that sort.

Madeline went to the market and met a reticent spy named Boris who bought her a dessert. Niall went off to look for Aleksei, who had gone missing. Both ran into an angry drunk guard named Vlad and humiliated him. He came back for his friends to beat up Niall and Jace and Madeline helped him out.

The three of them found Aleksei who had hired a bunch of prostitutes and rented out the cellar of an inn. Turns out he had sacrificed them to the Bloody Bride for power. Ooh shit. He’s now a powerful warlock. Fenrir came back at that time and they tried to talk Aleksei down, but Madeline killed him with a cloud of daggers and he turned into saltwater. They saved one prostitute’s life.

Damien sorted out the cleanup and then they discussed about how to avoid war with the Penninsula. Fenrir suggested Damien kidnap young Juan Giovanni and reveal his location after the war, so that war could happen temporarily without the boy dying. Damien agreed to it, saying he wouldn’t send his assassins until the dawn after next.

The group headed back to Alexandria as quickly as possible. Boris warned them the Seven Sisters would be coming for them.

Wolf Journies Part 2
Longears is hungry

The party defeated Longears, but he killed all the gnomes except Nikolas and a young girl.

As the party dealt with Longears, Jace sneaked into the office to infect the machine. Nikolas tried to stop him but he exerted himself and, injured by Longears already, his exertion proved fatal. Jace infected the machine which had apparently been built not just to house Nikolas’ intellect but actually speak with his dead wife Marsha.

Fenrir was extremely suspicious of Jace but A, Jace and the machine itself (controlled by the Witch now), managed to convince him otherwise.

Aleksei also survived and because of Fenrir’s bluntness and lack of sympathy for his father’s death, became bitter towards the group, even though Niall offered to mentor him in the barbarian arts.

They found their way to Damien’s camp and spoke with him. He said war would have to come, he would have the throne of the Alabaster Empire at any cost. They spent the night in his camp. Jace got new eyeballs.

Next time: Bad juju

Wolf Journies Part 1
Wolves Wolves Wolves

The party purchased three zebras and an ostrich for Fenrir as mounts. Then they traveled out into the desert to find Damien’s camp. They met two wealthy merchants with an elephant. The young, frightened studious Aleksei and his father Dimitri. They saw the bridge to Damien’s camp was destroyed and offered to travel together through the lowlands.

That night they were attacked by wolves as they slept. Those wolves included some nasty werewolves, one of whom bit Fenrir and infected him with Lycanthropy. They were saved from further attacks by a massive catapult fired by a small gnomish tribe living in the lowlands. Their leader, Nikolas, was the head of four generations of gnomes and his dead wife Marsha had helped construct the catapult.

The group accepted Nikolas’ offer to stay the night, and partied. However, Niall sent Z to spy on Nik’s hidden office and saw he’d built a massive clockwork device that he claimed was to store his primal intelligence to lead his people once he died.

Jace got a dream mission from the Stygian Witch to infect the machine with a gem. Jace and Fenrir got to arguing about leaving and then Longears showed up to interrupt the fun.

After the Asylum (Timeskip)

Fenrir meanwhile negotiated with the Goblin Ringleader to save five of those stolen by Piero into the Asylum. In exchange he’d have to eventually summon the ringleader to take five lives in exchange.

The five they chose were Yuri (Anna’s husband), Five Bladezz, and three relatively sane prisoners.

They pissed off Longears by refusing to go back with him, thanks to Madeline’s magical faerie map.

They got back and Niall returned from the Future Isle.

Niall spent the two month timeskip talking to Ivana Nevlania.

Fenrir spent the two month timeskip learning how to brew potions.

Madeline spent it singing and screwing around.

Jace spent it figuring out magic and Niall’s magical snowglobe artifact.

After a failed assassination attempt on Julien’s little brother by parties unknown, the group contact Damien LeStron, whose armies had gathered to attack the Alabaster Empire, and arranged a parley.

Ice Adventures
With Jace and Niall

Afterwards, there was a small adventure where Jace and Niall were teleported to the New World, where they met famed Republican adventuress and tomb raider, Clara Loft. They also met her spunky sidekick Sammy. Clara helped them fight ice wolves, go diving, run away from a white dragon and return home after offering them a tour of her mansion in the Republic at any time.

The Asylum Part 2
The death of Piero and other stuff

The party, newly freed from the dungeons, had 8 people in it.

Niall, Fenrir, Jace, Madeline (really the Cellist in her body), Ratticus, Zee, A, and the unnamed woman with no tongue who had helped Jace escape.

They defeated some guards on the way out, and then ran into three adventurers who had gotten all of their stuff that the guards had taken away! Apparently they’d raided the Alabaster Fox’s quarters and found all their stuff, but no Alabaster Fox.

The group, (mostly Fenrir) they convinced the adventurers that they were the rightful owners of their items and they returned them. Anatoly, their leader, introduced himself and said that he would be glad to meet up with them in the Adventurer’s Guild in Alexandria.

The Cellist slipped away and into the giant room with the soul transference machine, betraying the group finally in a bid to get Madeline’s body all for herself.

The group entered and fought Piero, Ana (the Frankensteinian anorexic they were originally there to help), and Piero’s shield guardian. Jace jumped inside Madeline’s mind and helped her fight the Cellist, along with a giant version of Ratticus. They succeeded but Madeline’s body was thrown in the giant machine. When it was activated, it instead blew up thanks to A’s meddling.

Meanwhile, Niall killed Ana and Zee stole Piero’s guardian amulet, exposing Piero once and for all and allowing Jace to kill him, again.

The Cellist possessed the body of the tongueless woman and fled via Dimension Door. A introduced himself to Jace and explained that he had been sent by the Stygian Witch to serve as his familiar (“We need to talk.”). Zee approached Fenrir and explained A’s backstory as an evil faerie. (“We need to talk.”)

Meanwhile the Bloody Bride showed Niall the Old Sage’s spirit devouring Piero’s essence , finally destroying the mad doctor forever. (“We need to talk.”)

A brief recap.

Fenrir and Niall meet in an abandoned shrine, taking cover from a rain storm, heading toward the Golden City on news that the Hetriarch is dead. There they also meet Xhao Shang Fu and a candidate for the next Hetriarchy: High Almoner Delarre, who has been stripped naked by bandits. Or so he claims.

In helping him, the trio meet the mysterious Green Lady and Tomias, a bandit who reveals that Delarre was actually buying slaves from the bandit group. They bring him to the city for questioning.

Without a sitting Hetriarch, the trial stalls. The group is soon attacked by undead shades intent on killing Tomias before he can testify to the new Hetriarch. They succeed in killing him, but the new Hetriarch, High Almoner Gervous, resurrects Tomias.

After the trial, the party is surprised to find that they are put in the arena for harming a High Almoner. With some underhanded help from Julien, the Hetriarch’s nephew, and Xhao, they vanquish the arena and emerge free men, named knights of the bronze circle!

However, they’re hot on the trails of the necromancer who summoned the shadows in the first place. They’re enlisted by a fellow knight named Ser Giovanni, who asks them to help find their family sword.

Along with Giovanni’s party, they travel to an ancient cursed mansion. Giovanni’s brother has been killed and turned into an undead slave of the necromancer: Doctor Piero, who uses mysterious powers in order to transfer minds and create massive armies of undead. They destroy his Demonic Sphere that grants him the power, kill Giovanni’s undead brother, and return to the city to track the Doctor down. Giovanni and most of his party dies in this attempt. Happy ending? Definitely for Niall, who sleeps with a centuries old ghost who still haunts the mansion. That problem comes back for him later. Obviously. Fenrir meanwhile finds a rat who he names Simon, who had his mind swapped from his original human form by Piero’s machine.

With the help of the bard Madeline, they track Piero down to his Asylum and find his daughter. They learn Piero’s plan is to resurrect his dead wife into the body of his own daughter. Grossed out by that totally evil plan, they kill Piero and destroy the rest of his demonic spheres. Seriously, ew. Madeline joins the party and becomes a knight of the bronze circle, and Fenrir becomes a knight of the silver circle. Niall chooses to invest in real estate. Simon gets transferred to a half-ogre body. Tomias turns out to be a girl.

Later, Fenrir’s ‘niece’ shows up, tracking her thought-dead father through her mysterious dream magic. No big deal, except clearly it has something to do with the Hetriarch’s illegitimate daughter, Miriam. It turns out that she’s the mysterious ninja vigilante and slightly-too-hardcore women’s rights activist, the Veridian Fox. She got her powers from an evil mask that held a bit of Fenrir’s master’s spirit or something. I don’t know. The PCs destroy the mask, but the resulting scandal of chasing a ninja into the Hetriarch’s house and then not revealing her real identity forces them out of the city temporarily.

The PCs get transferred to guarding the nearby Spiderling forest for a few months while the Hetriarch sorts his shit out. They have a cool Christmas adventure that I won’t get into. Tomias stays behind in the forest. They get a faerie named Zee. Madeline develops a pretty serious split personality who she neglects.

They finally return to the City just in time for the big knightly tournament. They hear from their Templar friends that there might be some snake people trying to kill the Hetriarch by winning the tournament. They decide the most likely suspect is Roger Keyne. Roger Keyne wins the tournament and stabs the Hetriarch with a poisoned sword. Didn’t see that one coming. He escapes by turning into a bunch of snakes. Jace joins at some point during this, through some fairly contrived circumstances.

While the Hetriarch’s on magical life support, the PCs collect some cures for him, kill a vampire, and so on. Then they save his life and move to the Alabaster Empire.

On the way there they meet a really sexy pirate assassin named Damien LeStron who wants to slightly kill them. They go to a goblin market and get trapped in a resurrected Piero’s newest funhouse.

They’re STILL there.


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