Gods and Demons

This is a list of all Gods and powerful creatures that have dealt directly with the PCs.

The Stygian Witch: An aspect of the Chaos God Tzeentch, in charge of Jace’s warlock powers.

The Drowned Prince: The quiet God of suicide and the sea, in charge of Niall’s warlock powers.

The Wolf-King: Sometimes known as ‘Fenrir’, he cured the gnome Fenrir’s lycanthropy and gave him a wolf tattoo upon his shoulder which has attuned him to the wolf.

Nicholas the Jolly: The gift giver, who gave the PCs magical items last Christmas.

Jack of Smiles: The trickster God who stole Nicholas’ gift bag and created the Cellist from Madeline’s fractured psyche.

The Crow God: A god of death who took Fenrir’s heart and uses it to keep both Niall and Fenrir alive. He also replaced Guy’s heart with a rose. Very powerful and a bit mad.

Gods and Demons

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