Penninsulan Wars

After the Asylum (Timeskip)

Fenrir meanwhile negotiated with the Goblin Ringleader to save five of those stolen by Piero into the Asylum. In exchange he’d have to eventually summon the ringleader to take five lives in exchange.

The five they chose were Yuri (Anna’s husband), Five Bladezz, and three relatively sane prisoners.

They pissed off Longears by refusing to go back with him, thanks to Madeline’s magical faerie map.

They got back and Niall returned from the Future Isle.

Niall spent the two month timeskip talking to Ivana Nevlania.

Fenrir spent the two month timeskip learning how to brew potions.

Madeline spent it singing and screwing around.

Jace spent it figuring out magic and Niall’s magical snowglobe artifact.

After a failed assassination attempt on Julien’s little brother by parties unknown, the group contact Damien LeStron, whose armies had gathered to attack the Alabaster Empire, and arranged a parley.



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