Penninsulan Wars

Further Alabaster Adventures

The PCs defeated the Alabaster Fox in a spectacular dream duel inside a future world created from the Bloody Bride’s manifestations of… something to do with Niall’s future. A future world they will have to return to at some point, probably.

However, the Alabaster Fox was no longer Fenrir’s ‘niece’ Elma, but the young gnomish girl that had survived Longear’s attack on the Gnomish ruins. The Bloody Bride then challenged them to prove that the dark future events were not her fault, although she did not say exactly what the stakes of her challenge were. . .

Once they had come out of the future intact, they found themselves… in Emperor Alexander’s army camp! Apparently he had followed them in an attempt to destroy Damien’s army! They found Julien there and hatched a plot to murder the Emperor, after learning he had no intention of keeping his promises to marry his daughter to Julien’s brother, and that he was dying of a burning blood disease.

With Boris’s help and a little animal friendship to spook the elephants, they ambushed the Emperor and assassinated him in cold blood. But not before Jace got addicted to Mageburn and Niall’s heart was stolen by Beatrice, his new liaison with the Drowned Prince.

Julien teleported them back to Alexandria, where they fought some slavers to bring the Green Lady to Alexandria. Adrian introduced them to a Hexer who helped them make a deal with the Crow God: who wanted Fenrir’s heart in exchange for keeping Niall alive.

After a brief detour in Jaceworld, they made the deal then decided to help Adrian get his daughter back from snake people.

This fucking game, huh?



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