Penninsulan Wars

Hanging With Damien

The party rested at Damien’s conquered village. Fenrir went out into the wilderness and met an old man who’d been a werewolf for years. He helped Fenrir by brewing a magical tea to cure his lycanthropy. Fenrir went into a dream state where he met a giant god of Wolves, also calling himself Fenrir. Fenrir the gnome chose to get cured of lycanthropy, not try and control it. However, his soul is scarred by the visage of the wolf. He has a wolf-shaped tattoo on his shoulder and should expect more wolf-related abilities to manifest as an aspect of his monastic tradition in the future. For starters, he can use his speak with small animals to talk to wolves. On the downside, if he wants to use a minor illusion to create an animal, he can only create dogs and wolves and that sort.

Madeline went to the market and met a reticent spy named Boris who bought her a dessert. Niall went off to look for Aleksei, who had gone missing. Both ran into an angry drunk guard named Vlad and humiliated him. He came back for his friends to beat up Niall and Jace and Madeline helped him out.

The three of them found Aleksei who had hired a bunch of prostitutes and rented out the cellar of an inn. Turns out he had sacrificed them to the Bloody Bride for power. Ooh shit. He’s now a powerful warlock. Fenrir came back at that time and they tried to talk Aleksei down, but Madeline killed him with a cloud of daggers and he turned into saltwater. They saved one prostitute’s life.

Damien sorted out the cleanup and then they discussed about how to avoid war with the Penninsula. Fenrir suggested Damien kidnap young Juan Giovanni and reveal his location after the war, so that war could happen temporarily without the boy dying. Damien agreed to it, saying he wouldn’t send his assassins until the dawn after next.

The group headed back to Alexandria as quickly as possible. Boris warned them the Seven Sisters would be coming for them.



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