Penninsulan Wars

Snake Eater / Back In the City Again

The party went to a nearby Snake Temple. It’d been taken over by a trio of Lamia. The party said: “Fuck you.” And killed them all except one who they made open up a portal to the Sandways, the Yuan-Ti alternate dimension where space works differently. They used this to travel to the Snake Temple where Adrianna was being held. They bluffed or fought their way up the temple, freeing a captured doppelganger who turned out to be a spy for a group of tribal elves planning an attack. They timed their attacks together and found Adrianna: She was being transformed into a huge snake monster with six heads.

They fought and managed to rescue Adrianna’s body from the snake creature’s with a scroll of remove curse. Madeline resurrected her after she died and they escaped out of the Sandways. Since they had no reason to stay they went all the way back to the Peninsula through the Sandways, appearing on Seagull’s Island.

They returned to the City, meeting a few of their old friends.

Morgana promised to get Jace more drugs, giving them to Niall, who gave them to Simon.

They met up with Simon, meeting his rich new benefactor, Sinclare.

Fenrir ran into a book thief called the Shade. The Shade stole a book from the LIbrary called The Book of the Azure Tomb. They tracked him to the edge of town, and outside the town.

Meanwhile, Jace was asked to help keep Miriam from going crazy. He went to a fight club, fought Miriam and then slept with her. I’m sure that’ll help.


Haha we make great decisions.


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