Penninsulan Wars

Wolf Journies Part 1

Wolves Wolves Wolves

The party purchased three zebras and an ostrich for Fenrir as mounts. Then they traveled out into the desert to find Damien’s camp. They met two wealthy merchants with an elephant. The young, frightened studious Aleksei and his father Dimitri. They saw the bridge to Damien’s camp was destroyed and offered to travel together through the lowlands.

That night they were attacked by wolves as they slept. Those wolves included some nasty werewolves, one of whom bit Fenrir and infected him with Lycanthropy. They were saved from further attacks by a massive catapult fired by a small gnomish tribe living in the lowlands. Their leader, Nikolas, was the head of four generations of gnomes and his dead wife Marsha had helped construct the catapult.

The group accepted Nikolas’ offer to stay the night, and partied. However, Niall sent Z to spy on Nik’s hidden office and saw he’d built a massive clockwork device that he claimed was to store his primal intelligence to lead his people once he died.

Jace got a dream mission from the Stygian Witch to infect the machine with a gem. Jace and Fenrir got to arguing about leaving and then Longears showed up to interrupt the fun.



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