Penninsulan Wars

Wolf Journies Part 2

Longears is hungry

The party defeated Longears, but he killed all the gnomes except Nikolas and a young girl.

As the party dealt with Longears, Jace sneaked into the office to infect the machine. Nikolas tried to stop him but he exerted himself and, injured by Longears already, his exertion proved fatal. Jace infected the machine which had apparently been built not just to house Nikolas’ intellect but actually speak with his dead wife Marsha.

Fenrir was extremely suspicious of Jace but A, Jace and the machine itself (controlled by the Witch now), managed to convince him otherwise.

Aleksei also survived and because of Fenrir’s bluntness and lack of sympathy for his father’s death, became bitter towards the group, even though Niall offered to mentor him in the barbarian arts.

They found their way to Damien’s camp and spoke with him. He said war would have to come, he would have the throne of the Alabaster Empire at any cost. They spent the night in his camp. Jace got new eyeballs.

Next time: Bad juju



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