Jace Beleren

Player Character of Ledecky: Human Sorcerer/Warlock


Abilities, Curses and Hexes:

Jace is one of the SOUL ECHOES of the original Jace Beleren. Aware SOUL ECHOES can feel each other’s presence within the same dimension, no matter the distance.

Jace’s familiar is ANKOU, who seeks dominion over the faerie race. He is a pact of the chain familiar, and all that entails. In addition, he knows the following cantrips:
Poison spray
Minor illusion
Blade ward

Jace is a warlock in service to the Stygian Witch, an aspect of Tzeentch, the chaos god. Tzeentch revels in chaos and madness, and has increased the potency of Jace’s wild magic significantly. For each Warlock level Jace gains, there is an additional 1/20 chance of a wild magic surge when casting a Sorcerer spell. Warlock spells still do not trigger wild magic surges.

Jace’s face is removable, and it’s possible at some point other masks could be attached. Otherwise, Jace can cast disguise self at will instead of the normal warlock Great Old One ability. Thus is the boon granted to servants of the queen of disguise.

Jace’s eyes, the only ‘real’ part of his face left, have been removed and replaced by Stygian Eyes, whose effects are as yet unknown. Probably not great though.

Jace is addicted to mageburn, a violently poisonous drug created by his ex-girlfriend, Alice Morgana. He will not be able to restore his sorcerer spell slots after a long rest without ingesting a hit of mageburn. At least a month without spellcasting is required in order to ‘come clean’ from the addiction.

Jace has a cursed magical item: PIero’s gauntlet, that cannot be removed from his right arm without taking the entire arm off.

Jace is the KNIGHT OF COURAGE, and has advantage on checks against fear. He also regains inspiration when acting in particularly courageous ways.

Jace’s boon from the Hetriarch was becoming a state-sponsored mind mage, thus legalizing his otherwise forbidden magic.


Jace Beleren

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