Niall von Aubrick

Player Character of Zach: Human Barbarian/Fighter/Warlock



Older brothers: Marcus the Sorcerer, Heinreich the Chieftain

Sister: Hilda (four years younger)

His elderly servant was James.

Abilities, curses and hexes:

His heart was stolen by Beatrice. When he dies his body will be enslaved by her. Until then, Fenrir’s heart is doing double duty. That means that if one dies, the other dies. Exhaustion, poison and disease are also shared. If one is resurrected or cured of one of these status ailments, so is the other. (Very useful, considering Fenrir will soon be immune to disease and poison.)

He is a warlock in service of The Drowned Prince. That means he can cast spells while Frenzying (warlock only) and can breath underwater instead of the usual warlock ability. His liaison is Beatrice, second in command of the Ophelians.

He possesses the Drowned Prince’s Snowglobe, a complicated magical device that when properly attuned can enter memories, dreams, other dimensions or possible futures. When properly attuned (Coordinates required!)

His rival champion of the Drowned Prince is Aleksei, whose liaison is The Bloody Bride. The two can sense each other’s presence if within one mile of each other.

He is the KNIGHT OF PATIENCE, and has advantage on all checks REQUIRING PATIENCE OR KEEPING CALM. He also regains INSPIRATION when he is particularly patient and calm.

His boon from the Hetriarch was the regeneration of his missing arm.


Niall von Aubrick

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