Penninsulan Wars

Hunting A Thief

Four adventurers, in two different places. Yes, they split the party. No, I’m not happy with it. C’est la vie.

Madeline and Jace were at the fight club, an old converted fishwharf at the edge of town. Specifically, Jace was upstairs in the loft with Miriam. Mid-coitus, even. Madeline was downstairs, talking to the extremely dangerous, extremely powerful Luca… in other words, her brother.

Her brother had two goons with him and a surprise special guest. The surprise special guest was the Cellist, Madeline’s evil alternate personality in her own not-too-pretty body. Luca’s plan was simple: he wanted to recombine his sister into one entity. Pretty reasonable, but how did he know so much about his sister’s fate, and where did he get his incredible strength?

Madeline messaged Jace. Jace abandoned the 17-year-old he’d recently seduced and ran downstairs to save another woman. The height of classy, this guy. Luca told Jace not to follow them and punched him in the face, sending him flying and doing like 30 damage. Clearly it would take more than a potion of strength to put Jace on even footing with THIS monster.

Jace went to find Fenrir and Niall.

Fenrir and Niall, meanwhile…

The two were tracking a book thief, as I mentioned. They found another entity who was chasing the same book thief. This man transformed himself into a swarm of rats and back into a rag-covered, grimy human form. He called himself ‘Ratman’, and fancied himself some sort of dark avenger and murderous vigilante crime-fighter. With some hesitation, Fenrir and Niall agreed to work with him. He pointed them in the direction of a brothel outside of town run by the fence Rancid John… and his mistress, the wizardrix Melinda.

The three went. Niall and Fenrir planned to distract Melinda while the Ratman abducted Rancid John, a plan that succeeded after a few hiccups.

Ratman and Niall interrogated Rancid John, playing ‘bad guardsman, worse guardsman.’ with the poor fence, until he gave up the Shade’s location… and the name of the man who hired him to steal the book in the first place: The wizard Vizarious!

The three went to the Shade’s location. That’s about when Jace finally caught up with them, with Miriam in tow. Fenrir and Ratman sneaked up to the roof of the abandoned-looking tower and overheard the Shade arguing with Vizarious through a mirror about payment. Shade then revealed to his paramour that Vizarious needed the book to put down a sewer monster he’d summoned without knowing how to unsummon… a monster that had killed a few guards too.

Also, his paramour? Abigail Neculai Keyne! The Widow Keyne! The Vamptrix! Fenrir and the Ratman argued on the exact method they should use to deal with them, and Fenrir decided to jump in, grab the book, and negotiate with the Shade.

The rest of the party jumped in and there was a brief negotiation… and Fenrir tried to arrange a marriage between Niall and Abigail, resulting in the appearance of her father, the Count Neculai!



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